About Pastor David Hope
Pastor Hope was also the co-pastor of an inner city street church that met weekly as he took an extended lunch once a week. The church met weekly for 91/2 years. Groceries were passed out in each service after the preaching and demonstration of the power of the Word of God.
David is especially called to love the unlovely. He has served as a Board member and has been very active at LoveJoy Ministries which primarily serves the homeless of Houston, TX. He has assisted in ministry there for 20 yrs.
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David Hope was born in Houston, TX and currently lives in Humble, TX a suburb of Houston. He received a BBA from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Houston.
David and his family came to Words of Life Church in September 1984 and he was selected as a elder in Jan 1985.  From that time until April 2008 he operated as and Elder and Associate Pastor at Words of Life while working a full time job being an ambassador for Christ in the business community.

David became the full-time Senior Pastor of Words of Life in Humble, TX after the death of the previous Pastor, Linda Shanks in March 2008.
David has written 5 books thus far:

Jesus of Nazareth, Socialist or Capitalist?
Inhabiting Eternity
God’s Perspective on Money
Do You Want to Be Healed?
The Goodness of God

David is an experienced street preacher who has gone outside of the church walls where the lost can be found. He has led thousands to Christ, mostly on the streets of the inner city of Houston, TX. and in the villages of western Kenya.
Pastor Hope has used much of his vacation time to take many mission trips, primarily to Kenya and East Africa.  He has spoken in the primary schools of Western Kenya in several of his trips. He led over 6700 children to receive Jesus as their Savior in the 2006 trip.
His trips to Kenya were accompanied with the demonstration of God’s power with mighty exploits. These same miracles are available to people in the U.S. too and are waiting for you at Words of Life or wherever you are if you will receive them.
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God has given him a vision to proclaim the goodness of God to the whole earth, especially other preachers.  He believes that God will use this book so that people all over the world will have the opportunity to know the character and the heart of God AlmightyDavid is anointed to sing praises to the Lord and to teach biblical principles.
He is not ashamed to be called a “prosperity preacher” as he believes the Bible really is good news.  David has numerous radio talk show appearances having been a guest on “Midwatch with the Rev” over 50 times.  The radio episodes that sparked the most interest with listeners was the series about how to raise and discipline children.
Sandy Hope
David and his wife Sandy have been married for over 33 years and have 2 grown children. He is an effective high priest of his home as his whole family follows after him by being well grounded in the Word of God.
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